Anonymous SAID:
Where in the world is the quenue

the queue is a place I can put things to post at a scheduled time if i cant be online. 

Anonymous SAID:
Do u know what store u can buy the dress rydel wore for the manchester uk concert

you can find that post here, but i don’t believe its still available.

Anonymous SAID:
Hello! Did you find any of Rydel's rings from her recent instagram picture?

Yup I have one in the queue right now.

Dream Angeles Sheer Babydoll (Exact)

Worn for Press Photos

June 2014

No Longer Available in Rydel’s Color

Anonymous SAID:
Hi! Where can I find rydels black nikes?

They are currently sold out

Anonymous SAID:
Who are your R5 best friends? I always see you post with people on Instagram :)

Marol and Jessica are the ones that show up the most, but in fresno Nikki came with us :) those are the ones I probably post the most about. There is also Kristen who I have yet to meet but I will in 2 weeks!!

Anonymous SAID:
whats your fav rydel outfit

Oohh so many! Um top would probably be 

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Anonymous SAID:
do u know why the link/photo submit is not working

Not sure. Try here.

Anonymous SAID:
Hello again! I'm the anon in the last message thing. 😊 I'm the one who came with my friend, I had crimped hair and a pink strapless dress. I'm also the one who told you I had zero social media of any type whatsoever. 😐 but, I plan on sending you a letter soon! Gotta do it the old fashion way. 😂 -Emily

AHHH yes! I remember you! Send me a letter so I can write you! I would love to be able to write with you!! :) old fashion way is fun!

Anonymous SAID:
how many r5 concerts have u been to?